use of 4 pin lcd screen without SDA/SCL

can i use the 4 pin lcd without using SDA/SCL , as i need those 2 pins to transmit data to my esp8622e
any proposed solution? thanks folks

You can have more than 1 wire on a pin!!

Tell us what Arduino you have, of it's an UNO - there are the SCL,SDA pins & A4 & A5 pins (They are the same)

thank you , i have Arduino Uno and there is a big chance this project will be implemented on nano

You can have more than 1 wire on a pin!!

you saying i can send data from sda/scl to esp and at the same time send data to my lcd? WHAT

IT's a data bus - you can have over 120 devices (as long as their address is different). :slight_smile:

wow now i understand , so i need to get the address of my esp and the address of my lcd screen and any other device i need to connect , this is so new to me am just shocked :confused:

What is your project?
Have you looked at ESP32 to do all the work?

Thanks.. Tom... :slight_smile:

hi , i have used esp8266 as a stand alone , however when i place it on a pcb i get all type of errors and the esp itself not booting , when i use bread board everything works flawlessly , so i said duck it lets go with an arduino

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