Use of interrupts

Hello! I am trying to link up the arduino with a barcode scaner and to make it make a reading I have to send some specific pulses then it does the reading and then I have to send a closing pulse, but it has to be precise, so I thought I should use interrupts but I don't know how to use them. So help is totally appreciated :D

The pulses have to be sent are the following. low signal (signal A), then 1us after, on another pin, a high signal (signal B) for 1us then make it low. Then keep signal A low for 7us more, then make it high and wait 3300uS, then repeat the process. The barcode reading is on the 3300us lapse, so I want to make as most analog reads as I can during that time but keeping the train of pulses as constant as possible.

Thanks a lot!