Use of one-wire devices of HOBBY BOARDS

HI, all

I would like to know whether or not the controlling one-wire devices of HOBBY BOARDS by using one-wire library of arduino (OneWire.h) is possible.

The web site of HOBBY BOARDS is following;

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Best regards, Nakajo

Arduino can communicate with devices via one-wire interface. You have found the expensive ones.. If you dont really want the RJ-connector, choose the inexspensive variant

I am deeply thankful to you for the comment and advice .

You mean arduino can communicate with any 1-wire devices because the 1-wire protcol is commonly standard one.
I would like to try.

But, I will search more inexpensive devices as you say.

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a protocol is defined exactly for that reason, to let devices talk to each other.

However be aware that for every protocol/device bad implementations exists, including but not limited to - inaccurate timing (internal clocks can deviate) - lack of or inadequate error handling/recovery (causing blocking /frozen code) - memory leaks or just too much usage (efficiency) - ...