Use of variable in IDE ie C(x) ... for x = 1 to 10 ....

in other languages i could set up a variable like c(x) and loop x 1 to 10. that would give me c(1), c(2)....etc... is there a way to do this in IDE? Thanks (I just need to know how do the variables but, I thought that it would be polite to put my concept in.. thank you again)

Here is my concept

set up my variables
get the input = thing

start the loop
if thing = c(Level)
then Level = Level +1
else Level = 1
if Level = 8
then execute open

loop return

open -- power a pin that trips a relay

I think you want an array for your variables.

int c[] = {8, 6, 7};

The array c now contains c[0] = 8, c[1] = 6 and c[2] = 7 so if n = 1 then c[n] = 6.