Use Olimex PulseOximeter with Arduino UNO

I am doing a project with the olimex pulseoximeter "mod-pulse" MOD-PULSE - Open Source Hardware Board
I am wondering if there is a way to read from its serial UEXT port so that I can get the live pulse reading to use within an Arduino code to light up some LED's to the heart rate. I am new to this so please only positive feedback here, if you need anything other info just ask..Thank you!

-Let me add that the Olimex runs 3.3V

Have you looked here in the Duino sections? Olimex Support Forum - Index

The chances are small that the answers you need are already spelled out right there, or the why not and better way.

The biggest resource of forums is usually the number of posted worked-out solutions.
You shouldn’t have to ask