Use one potentiometer between multiple arduinos

My project is creating a number of individual Digital gauges / dials for inclusion in a vehicle. Each gauge has it's own Arduino controlling various sensors and a display.

I'm wanting to set / adjust the master brightness of the screens using a single potentiometer.

Rather than set-up a master-slave arrangement between the arduinos and send a brightness level to all the slaves (which I could do, but seems overkill) - am I going to be able to connect one potentiometer between mutiple arduinos - sending the data-line to an analog pin on each Arduino.

All units connect to the same 5v source - if that helps.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated

Yes. You can connect multiple inputs together. The Arduino inputs have very high input impedance so they have virtually no affect on whatever they are connected to (as long as you stay in the 0 to +5V range).

The general rule in electronics is that you can connect inputs together but you should never connect outputs together. (Of course there are exceptions but it's a good general rule.)

But do mind, if you connect inputs of different devices together they should all be powered on together with the pot. (for example, all from the same supply.) Otherwise you risk damaging a device because you phantom power it.

Thanks both for the replies - that's really boosted my confidence in giving it a go that way.

Cheers - will post again when I make the breakthrough.