Use PSP wifi chip to connect Arduino to the internet?


Does somebody know if it's possible to take apart my PSP Slim and Lite and use the WiFi chip to connect my Arduino to the internet?

Depends on how much engineering you would like to do yourself.

If it should be a plug&play approach, then the chip alone won't do I guess. If you're lucky then the chip is on it's own board together with the antenna and so on. I did the same thing with an Apple Airport Express - it has all its WiFi components on one board that can be driven with 3.3V. I used the Ethernet port on it to connect it to my ethernet shield and bring my Arduino online with 802.11n speed :slight_smile:

I'm taking it apart right now :wink:

Haha, cool. Good luck! I doubt that it will be an easy solution. They probably jammed everything on one PCB for space reasons. I found this tutorial you might like:

Ah thanx but I did not need it, I already modded it :wink:
I'm not using my PSP for a year now and my screen was a bit broken :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, it is integrated with the motherboard, yes.
So I give up.xd