Use RemoteXY for Android communication

Waiting for my Bluetooth module to arrive at the mailbox just to test this app. There are still exciting applications out there then!

It is possibile to use input remotexy.button in an array?

Hey so, Im new to connection between Arduino and Android, and I tried to connect My hc-05 to my android using RemoteXY, with the objective of “driving” a dc motor car, I have the l293d Shield connected directly to the Arduino and I connected the bluetooth module to 7 and 8 pins, (RX and TX) and I connected the VCC to 5V port and GND to GND Port.

When I try to connect to the bluetooth of hc-05 it says this: “socket connect error: read failed,socket might closed or timeout, read ret: -1”, I tried to change somethings in my code and nothing worked. Besides that I searched for the problem and nothing appears, Can someone say what it is? And what I have to do? Pls need this for a project for school thank you.

My code:

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

#include <RemoteXY.h>

// RemoteXY connection settings

// RemoteXY configurate
#pragma pack(push, 1)
uint8_t RemoteXY_CONF =
{ 255, 4, 0, 0, 0, 82, 0, 8, 28, 2,
5, 16, 65, 27, 30, 30, 30, 64, 30, 30,
31, 25, 2, 2, 1, 3, 3, 23, 12, 2,
3, 22, 11, 49, 25, 31, 31, 79, 78, 0,
79, 70, 70, 0, 2, 1, 41, 18, 22, 5,
21, 54, 22, 5, 2, 26, 16, 31, 82, 0,
76, 0, 129, 0, 65, 1, 33, 4, 28, 6,
32, 4, 24, 67, 111, 110, 116, 114, 111, 108,
111, 32, 82, 101, 109, 111, 116, 111, 0

// this structure defines all the variables of your control interface
struct {

// input variable
int8_t joystick_1_x; // =-100…100 x-coordinate joystick position
int8_t joystick_1_y; // =-100…100 y-coordinate joystick position
uint8_t switch_1; // =1 if switch ON and =0 if OFF
uint8_t switch_2; // =1 if switch ON and =0 if OFF

// other variable
uint8_t connect_flag; // =1 if wire connected, else =0

} RemoteXY;
#pragma pack(pop)

// END RemoteXY include //

#include <AFMotor.h>
AF_DCMotor rightMotor(3, MOTOR12_64KHZ); //Declaração dos 4 motores DC
AF_DCMotor leftMotor(2, MOTOR12_64KHZ);
AF_DCMotor rightMotor1(4, MOTOR12_64KHZ);
AF_DCMotor leftMotor1(1, MOTOR12_64KHZ);

String readString;

void setup()



void loop()

while (Serial.available()) {
char c =;
readString += c;
if (readString.length() > 0) {
if (readString == “FORWARD”) { (FORWARD); (BACKWARD);; (FORWARD);
if (readString == “LEFT”) {;;;;
if (readString == “RIGHT”) {;;;;
if (readString == “STOP”) {; //Desliga os motores;;;

readString = “”;

hi bro Can you use remotxy server cloud with webhook to connect with google assistant

Hello Genius Shev,

Q1) can i run same ((same project )) on two DIFFERENT cell phones at same time? example >> i create one single simple remotexy project to read home temperature and both me and my wife have access to it at same time? >>>> i tried but 2nd device does not connect unlessi close 1st cell phone says"Device already used by another app" .. why not multi instances?

Q2) CAN ((1 PROJECT )) communicate with two MCU devices at same time? example>> i build one remotexy project to read two temperature from two different rooms by two different arduino devices but both report at same remote xy? possible?

Q3) i am using Edit field as a password so i need it to either shown as **** or cleared after few second.. how can i clear it ""automatically"" without press on X mark ?

thank you creating this app Sir

Shev,, are you still around to support the platform ? I am having an issue regarding serial port assignment usage with the app.

So I've been using RemoteXY pro for a few years and love it. All I really do with it is use it to make interfaces for LED controllers for WS2812 strips. I have several LED patterns with color choices, speed choices, and cycle choices. Unfortunately with long LED patterns the Arduinos lose connection with the Blue Tooth. I've not yet tried to keep checking for blue tooth data.

One really nice thing about RemoteXY, is you can run it on the STM32 Blue Pill boards. The Blue Pill boards opened things up a bit for me because I can program for longer LED strips without running low on resources. They are a little bigger than a Nano which has 2k SRAM and 32k flash. The Blue pill is 20k/120k and about the same price. For me this is a better solution than going with the Mega which has even more flash as the Mega had a much larger footprint and price tag. Having RemoteXY working with the Blue Pill boards is a godsend!