Use Rfm9x without antenna?

Hello, i am working on lora RFM9x board. Can i use these boards without an antenna if the distance between the sender and receiver is short?

should I solder the IRQ CS RTS pins in both boards?

thanks for help

You can try.

They might not last very long however, operating most RF devices without an antenna is bad.

LoRa RFM9x modules do not have IRQ CS RTS pins, so there is nothing to connect, or maybe you really mean something different.

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Thanks for your answer, i tried with the antenna it is work but for a short distance only as i notice but for the IRQ CS TRS yes i have it on my board and when I read the tutorial I saw it is soldered but I was asking if the board can work without solder these pins, but I saw from the codes in the library examples it should be solder.

I've not learned of or had any problems using a receiver without an antenna.

Using a transmitter without an antenna can be bad, like very bad. The higher the TX output power, the worse it can be.

This is general knowledge and, I must admit, something I confirmed inadverentently. :expressionless:

Of course not using the proper antennae can kill you range.


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Can you please post links to specs/data of your Lora modules?
Can you please post a copy of your schematic, just a hand drawn circuit will do.
Please label pins and components, including power supply(s).

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Like I said the RFM9x does not have IRQ CS RTS pins.

If you have another 'my board' that has IRQ CS RTS pins then you would need to tell us which board it is, otherwise we cannot comment on whether these pins are needed or not.

Should you solder them to what?

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