Use Robotics Forum?

I’m new. Submitted a question and was informed in a follow-up email, that I needed to respond to answers …. Sorry, but I can’t find the thread ! Where do I look for it ?

These are your other 2 topics that you started

Hi @dsoren. All the topics you have created or replied to can be found by checking the "Activity" tab of your user profile:

I see my submissions -thank you.

But where are the replies ?

The activity page only shows your activity. Click on the topic title in the activity list to open the forum topic. There, you will see the entire conversation including the replies other people have made in the topic.

You will also get notifications for replies in the forum topics you are watching. You can see your notifications here:

You should make sure that you are watching any topic you create or reply to. You can configure your notification preferences here:

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