Use salvaged mouse wheel in Arduino ?

Hello, I just purchased Arduino a week ago and have been experimenting with different components. Today I disassembled an old mouse and I realized that it has some interesting components, one of the components being the wheel encoder. Can I just connect it to Arduino and use it as an input ? And would it require any resistance ?

Did you write down how it was originally connected and the voltages present?


Paul is right

As a general rule if you find any device , it’s a good idea to see how it works both in its original application and by googling component values .
You can’t just plug anything into anything to see what happens- your Arduino will have a hard and short life.
Signals and voltages , power consumption all need to be comparable .
A good start is to find the parameters ( max/min voltages , current draw etc) for the UNO and print them out .
Have a wander round the playground area of this site .