Use Sercom on mkrzero (rx tx on PB22 , PB23 ) on the ATSAMD21G18A-48

Hi ,
I would like connect a bluetooth module (hc-05) on the arduino mkrzero .
i need a serial 9600 bps connection between the mkrzero and the hc-05.
for this , i woul dlike use the sercom but it is not clear for me .
Can you please help me for the sercom configuration .

thanks .

take a look to this tutorial.


many thanks for the answer
but this software in not functional on the mkrZero .
it is a part of the specification SAMD21.
indeed,i had to try this code but no signal on the output pin.
do you have a simple code functional for the mkrZERO .
i have few questions :

  1. how do you call the sercom3_handler
  2. how do you configure the pin sercom (PIO_SERCOM) for PB22 and PB23


Thanks .