Use smartwatch with Arduino Uno


I'd like to get the values of a smartwatch sensors (heart rate for example) on an Arduino. The smartwatch is using Bluetooth Low Energy, so I was thinking to use HM10 with the arduino.

But I don't know if it possible to get the GATT characteristic attribute value from the smartwatch. Can the HM10 acts as a client and master ? Do you need if a such project is possible ?

Thank you

Hi Saraza. I think it would have to be opposite. The smart watch would have to be the GATT central and the HM10 would usually be the peripheral. Then the smart watch would query the HM10 peripheral for its sensor data. I don't think it'd be possible to get the data from the smart watch using BLE. BLE is a very smartphone (smart watch) centric protocol where it's assumed the smart phone (watch) will be the aggregator. Hope that helps.