Use the potentiometer to send Midi CC messages more smoothly.. Help.

- YouTube (video) to show how it is working now..

What do I need to change in my code to make the it move the 'Slider' more smoothly.. up and down.

int note1;
int note2;

void setup()
  //  Set MIDI baud rate:
  Serial.begin(31250);  //(31250)

void loop()
  // Read the input on analog pin 0:
  int PressSensorValue = analogRead(A0);
  int PotSensorValue = analogRead(A1);

  int PressReadings = PressSensorValue / 8;
  int PotReadings = PotSensorValue / 8; 

 // PressReadings = min(PressReadings, 127);
 // PotReadings = min(PotReadings, 127);

  noteOnPress(0xB0, 8, PressReadings);

  noteOnPress(0xB0, 88, PotSensorValue);

// Serial.println(PotReadings);

// Serial.println(PressReadings);



void noteOnPress(int cmd, int pitch, int velocity) {

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