Use the RESET pin - does it use power consumption ?

Hello, I have a projet of making a timelapse system.
I have an arduino pro mini connected to a Arducam camera, and a SIM800l chip card to send the image.

In order to reduce the power consumption, I have put MOSFET transistors between arduino and my sensors. They cut the current when not needed. At the end, my Arduino enter in sleep mode using the Low Power Consumption.

In order to wake up, I need to make a hardware reset (if else the camera won't work). In that case I plugged the 9th pin to the reset pin, with a 1KOhm resistor. After the sleep mode I declare the 9th pin as outptut, then put it in low mode : the arduino Reset.

Yet, my system does not last long with a lead battery...

Is it a problem for my system to have my reset pin all the time connected to the 9 ? Does it uses a lot of power consumption ? Do I need too put a stronger resistor ?


Normally for reset about 10k resistors are used

It’s does no good simply guessing and hoping to hit on a solution.
Measure where your power is being used.
Only then can anyone say...
A) is it too much
B) how to reduce it

Can you post a schematic? Not sure about others, but to me its not clear at all what you mean by the "9th pin", or why you would need to reset the arduino (or are you using the arduino to reset something else?).