Use webcam as a sensor + Arduino

Hello Everyone,

My idea is using a webcam + arduino + max/msp to make a simple interactive flash animation project.
I was wondering if anyone knows how to use “webcam as a sensor” to detect motion objects, and then trigger the flash animation.

In fact, I have used photoresistor as a sensor to trigger the animation and it works however, the light response isn’t stable.

Can anyone help me with that or give me some suggestions.

Very appreciate.

Pluggong a webcam into an Arduino directly would not be possible PERIOD.

You might be able to use Max/Msp to read the camera then send signals to the Ardy, but I wouldn’t know how to do that.

why not use direclty the video capabilities of max/msp and/or adobe flash. You don’t need the arduino (and can’t use it anyway) to do motion detection, unless you really need it to be standalone (without a computer), in this case you’ll need to find another sensor (PIR, ultrasound, …) that can meet your needs or work on a more powerfull platform than the ATmega168.
What do you need the camera for ?

Also consider using “Processing”, with that you can do the video manipulation and feed the results into Max.

Thank for your responses. Yes, you are absolutely right. You guys have reminded me that I don’t really need Arduino to do motion detection. And I can either use Processing/ MaxMsp or both to fulfill the effect I that need.

However, the question is I am a newbie of those tools, although I have very basic knowledge of using that software, but I am still unable to make the function that I need.

Can anyone give me some examples of building that system, either using MaxMsp or Processing? I mean step by step or more substantial advices. e.g tell me where I can find resources in order to build that system.

Very appreciate, :’(