Use webcam as a sensor + Arduino

Hello Everyone,

My idea is using a webcam + arduino + max/msp to make a simple interactive flash animation project.
I was wondering if anyone knows how to use “webcam as a sensor” to detect motion objects, and then trigger the flash animation.

In fact, I have used photoresistor as a sensor to trigger the animation and it works however, the light response isn’t stable.

Can anyone help me with that or give me some suggestions.

Very appreciate.

Motion analysis is a bit beyond what the Arduino is capable of and in any case where would you attach a webcam? I’m working on something similar with audio and I’m looking to use either a modulated infrared beam or, if I can’t get the distance that way, some sort of ultrasound transciever. On the other hand, if you just want to detect motion in a room, passive infrared devices (PIR) are cheap (since they’re widely used in security systems) and have a good range. They should also be “stable” in the sense that you can adjust them to prevent false positives.