Use Wifi Manager With TTGO Lora Without connecting to Wi-Fi

Hello I have a project were I'm using an esp32 TTGO(lora). What I would like to do is open the AP, type in costume parameters (using Spiffs) and save without having to connect to any wifi.

Because the boards are Lora I do not want to connect to any networks I just want to be able to update custom settings using the AP Spiffs custom method.

Is there something I can update in the library were it will save the setting without having to putting in an SSID and Password.

I have seen libraries before that allow you to enter settings over WiFi - forgot the name, don't have it bookmarked, you can do the Googling.

Like the WiFi Manager library it uses the ESP in access point mode, so a phone or tablet can connect to it, and the internal web server for the page with the settings.

that sounds good Ill hunt around