Useful Parts

I found those wire ends that crimp on to make jumpers both male, Female and the shells as well. The Pins are $1.00/100 Male or Female pin. and the shells are 50 for $0.54.
The Crimper is great and relatively inexpensive @ $21.69.
Everything is at this link: 100PCs Connector Crimps Head Series [Dupont, XH2.54] - ElectroDragon. I buy a lot from ElectroDragon as they just are Not the typical Ebay store.


:smiley: I have just made a post about almost the same thing. I am looking for a manufacturer that actually does the crimped wires to spec.

I wonder how hard it is to use the crimping tool?

I buy similar from pololu.
male pins

female pins

and housing in all kinds of sizes

great for making up custom cables to plug into Arduino headers, or onto square 0.025" pins.
Can also get Male-Male, Male-Female, and Female-Female terminated wires in various lengths

Crimp tool also available

My wife is a whiz with the crimper.
You can see a couple of cables I made up here

The crimpers are very easy to use, place the connector in the crimper, large slot for big wires and the small one for small wires, I've just checked Pololu for prices and the Crimper is $10.00 cheaper (same part)... I Like the one I bought from ElectroDragon, It works well, as well as the $89.00 Paladin crimper I borrowed. I don't know about the pin prices or the shell prices but that initial $10.00 will buy a lot of pins and shells from ElectroDragon... Pololu has a great inventory but I live on a fixed income and I am forced to do a lot of shopping I have purchased a lot from Pololu over the past 2 years and I found that I can consistently beat those prices at other stores and this one happens to be best in prices... The pins quoted from Pololu are 7.95/100 Vs 1.00/100 @ Electrodragon... seems a No Brainer to me... Just for comparison
Pololu, Male Pins (1 7.95) Copied form the web page...
ElectroDragon Male Pins 100PCs Connector Crimps Head Series [Dupont, XH2.54] - ElectroDragon From $0.57 ($0.67/100)
Crimper Pololu Pololu - Crimping Tool: 0.1-1.0 mm² Capacity, 16-28 AWG ( 1 34.95)
Crimper Electrodragon Cable Connector Clamping Tool (For DuPont, XH 2.54, etc) - ElectroDragon ($21.69)
I bought the crimper last month for some other pins I bought from another vendor it aws a special with 10 ea of 3,4,5,6.. male header and female shells for wires with ends crimped by this crimper that worked well.
So spend your money as you will, I like to save money, means I can get more...


I can't open electrodragon from here, pololu does open, and I have personal experience with them on these items.
As you say, plenty of options for folks.

Yeah, differences in opinions are what makes horse races good too and a great thing here… Although I don’t understand you not being able to access the ElectroDragon website…
I’ve never received anything that wasn’t EXACTLY as described and this is my reason for pounding on ElectroDragons drum. Their GPS receiver is really nice, better than the earlier Big GPS from U-Blox and almost $20.00 cheaper @ $24.95. This is consistently the reason I buy from that site…
There is another reason and that is that Electrodragon makes an honest attempt to supply software, drivers and Arduino sketches that work on the products that they can… in my experience about 90% of the time.
It was the 40 to 60 dollar prices on the crimper that caused me to make a comment about it on this forum. ERlectroDragon doesn’t pay me to do this… I get the same service everyone else gets.

I got my male and female pins and the shells today and they work perfectly with the advertised crimper. Now I can make real jumper wires. and at 10% of the usual advertised price. Doc

I LOVE those “Really Useful Boxes”… I think I have (at least) a few of almost every size! :smiley:

They are nice, aren't they? Great for putting projects into, pretty easy material to work with.

That is really useful. Surprisingly great looking too. Finding a box to put anything into today is terrible... when you make your own boards...
Much worse when all you have is a stack of shields becuz prices is terrible for GP boxes that look good...
I really miss fabbing my own. I used a lot of PCB material... You can etch your own labels or just have them screened on If you choose to have the boards fabbed for you.
Bare double sided PCB material in the 6 years of my retirement has gone through the roof. I used to go through the fab house scrap bins for material... now it's like $1.00 a Sq In.