Useing Arduinio to control music with a remote.

I recently pulled a GVS ir reciver our of a direct tv box and i have a univerisal remote laying around could i use my arudinio with the sd music player shield to control it.

first look into how to decode the remote signals look into the ir remote library

So all i do is set my arduinio to take in code and then make a directory with the code.

it just seems easy :wink:

Thank you,you are very incitful if i spelled that right.

insightful ? just guessed it :wink:

Your right thanks alot what about useing a lol shield to display a image like make it display the funtion like play and pause and put it next to my tv so they can shar the syms.

well you could do it but rather that asking more questions it would be better if you set out and do some practicals :wink: :slight_smile: