User Image Uploading

I think we should be able to directly upload an image from our pc rather than giving a link to it. Isn't it so?

Isn't it so?

What happens when your computer is off-line? Do the terms of your internet service provider allow you to operate a server? Does your computer have a fixed IP address?

The answers to these questions are the reasons why you can link to stuff, files, pictures, avatars, etc., on your computer.

And if you mean storing it on the arduino forum server then that is a bad idea, the forum storage is no doubt full enough as it is with all the text posts.


Ok I got it! This means the forum doesn't store theimage but rather just displays the image associated to the link, so to save space. Well yeah that's quite good. Thanks guys. Today I became a bit wiser! :D

Correct ;)

That's why it's best to just upload it to an online image hosting site such as: Bayimg and then link to that.

Wow. That's my topic :)

I own a image hosting service and I've just implemented a board plugin. It's a upload button to be put into the boards html template (3 lines of javascript) and it automatically puts the img-bbcode into the message field. Ok, I would not claim the plugin stable yet (needs flash, not tested in IE...) and it's all in german at the moment but this is what it would look like: ("Bilder hochladen" means "Upload images")

and this is what the thumbnails look like:

forum admins: feel free to contact me if you're interested :)

It would be cool if this was integrated in the forum. It would make posting images a lot easier. The thumbnails in the message as a link to a bigger picture are a nice (necessary?) touch.

The only drawback I see is the volume of pictures that get posted may grow very quickly if it was easy to post pictures.

The thumbnails are necessary because - to be honest - there is advertising on the page with the bigger image to finance the servers.

there is advertising on the page with the bigger image to finance the servers.

I can understand that - hope the image site venture goes well for you :slight_smile:

I don't see a lot of pictures being a problem, unless people start posting pictures just for the sake of posting a picture, but it'd be useful for getting help from people

Also, I love your camera, those pictures are huge and I can make every little itty bitty detail out...

I've put the functionality in a Firefox Add-on. It should work not only on this forum but also in most other online forums. So if some of you Firefox users are interested: