User rights for workstation to run software

Setting up the Arduino software for a electronics lab. The Students only have user rights to the computer and not full administrator rights. The program starts but goes back to the desktop. What rights to folders do I need to give to them to make the Arduino software work? Does the program require Java? I can login with a user with full administrator rights to the computer and it will work.

Thank You

Don’t know all answers but

  1. the IDE does use java for the editor and calling the build/upload tools.

  2. the upload tool avrdude.exe, must have permissions to open/use the COMports

Which OS? For instance, I was recently doing some testing with Win10 and a local non-admin account, and it seemed to work fine (I didn't actually upload any code to real HW, but the IDE starts and compiles code...)

It is windows 7 32 bit on a windows domain.

Then it most be some sort of expert setting. Because you normally start it without admin rights, even if you start it from a admin account.

Btw, who still uses a 32-bit version :o

The windows 7 machines are locked down with policies. They have very limited things that they can do to the workstation. Login and run applications is all they can do. I do not get any error when starting the program so I do not know what is causing it not to run.