Userinterface to change GUI-colors

this standard color-theme of the Arduino-IDE is horrible.
So I searched for a possability to change the colors in preferences.
And found - nothing.

So I did a google-search for how to do it. All I found was some predefined themes.txt-files.

I would appreciate it very much if a change-color-theme Option with a comofrtable GUI would be added.
Can’t be so hard to do.

best regards Stefan

Hi Stefan.

The newest version of the Arduino IDE has the ability to change color schemes (themes) from the preferences menu.

However, you have to "install" the alternate themes before you can use them. The IDE only comes with one default theme.

See this thread for a comprehensive guide.

There are three dark themes available in that topic, but I can't guarantee you'll like them.

I hope this helps.