Using 1.5.2 beta with Maniac Bug 1284p support

Hi All...

I am trying to use the 1.5.2 IDE Beta with the Maniac Bug 1284p support. I installed it, and copied the files to what would be the correct location for say 1.0.5, but the IDE does not offer it as a choice. I noticed that the organization in 1.5.2 has changed a bit from 1.0.x, with the sam and avr directories. So, where should the 1284p support go?

Arduino IDE 1.5.2 is a complete rewrite. The bad news is: You can not assume that adding a board by doing the same actions as in 1.0.5 will work. The good news is: Arduino IDE 1.5.2 is build to allow adding new boards. So it should not be to hard.

Best regards Jantje