Using 2 DC motors and 1 servo with L293D motor shield

Hi! I'm trying to make a RC car working via bluetooth and I was wondering if the L293D motor shield allows

us to control 2 DC motors and 1 servo at the same time? If it's not possible, do you have any suggestions

on what I should do instead? Thanks!

Yes. See Control DC, Stepper & Servo with L293D Motor Driver Shield & Arduino

If that not the shield you have (there are quite a few of them) then give more details.


FYI, if the RC car is battery powered the L293 driver is going to waste quite a bit of your battery power due to the large voltage drop (2 to 4+V) inherent in its design. So the battery voltage needs to be higher to compensate. The L293 is ancient and inefficient technology.

Pololu* has a wide range of modern DC motor drivers featuring MOSFET outputs that are way more power efficient.

*I mention Pololu cause they have very good instructional pages for each of their drivers.

Thanks both of you for your answers!