Using 2 H-bridges with my Arduino UNO

Hey guys, young Arduinoob here looking for some help :slight_smile:

I have recently bought the starter kit and I'm trying to control 4 DC motors using the L293DNE H-bridge included plus another L293D that i found in a retail store.

The problem is that I have not been able to make the 2 H bridges work simultaneously despite having no problem with the first one.

  • Could it be because L293D and L293DNE are not compatible ? (don't really know the difference except that one is lead-free)

I tried to find schematics online but it has been surprisingly difficult.

I'm pretty sure this does exactly what I need but I would prefer to do it first on my breadboard to see how it works rather than ordering one.

Could you guys please tell me what you think ?

Thank you in advance !

I think NE is only a package order code.

Is the L293D on a module or separate?

Most important, schematic! :wink:

And what is the problem?

Do you only have a problem wen you try to drive 4 motors?

And can you swap one for the other while driving only 2 motor?