Using 2nd I2C bus on STM32 Blackpill and Adafruit Library


I'm recently on a project that uses stm32 (F411 BlackPill), and an oled display 128x64 I²c (SH1106) to read a voltage using the ADC1115.

i would like to change the ads1115 i2c bus, to avoid conflicts with the display, i use the adafruit library, how do i do this? (Stm32f411 has 3 i2c buses)

do i need to modify the "wire" inside the adafruit library?

sorry for bad english

No, in the begin() call of the ADS1X15 library you can provide the Wire object to be used.

WeAct BlackPill at Adafruit:
It is a 100 MHz STM32F411 Arm Cortex-M4

Can you explain what the conflict would be ?
Do you get noise from the I2C for the OLED ? Is there a bug that causes a software conflict ?

When reading a voltage, then you can take a few samples and calculate the average.

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