Using 3 arduino's on 1 pc problems

I am using:

Arduino Leonardo:
Runs a script that types my password if I present my RFID implant to a reader.

Arduino MKR zero:
5 encoder knobs control sound levels for different processes

Pro Micro:
10 key macro keyboard

I added the ProMicro board and now my Leonardo stopped working.
Is there any way to get the 3 arduino's working simultaniously?

What does your operating system think in the different scenarios?

What does "working simultaniously" mean? Do you want to have 3 instances of the IDE (serial monitor) running at once? Are they all on different ports?

I just want to use the functions of all 3 devices at the same time.

The problem now is:
My Leonardo stops working if I plug in my ProMicro

What COM-port does each device use?

Leonardo: COM13
Micro: COM24

What three programs on the computer use these three ports?
Are they configured correctly for these com ports?

Leonardo is standalone

MKRZERO runs DEEJ software to control sound levels (Configured for COM8)

ProMicro is set to output F13 till F22.
Then I run a AutoHotKey script to give F13 till F22 a hotkey

And all three are there when the problem arises? Do they identify themselves as some kind of HID under all circumstances?

If you have a second PC, I would hook that up to Serial1 with a ttl-to-usb adapter, modify the code to be able to debug and see what comes out. This is probably the only way to see what happens on the Leonardo when you try to unlock your PC with a raid tag.

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