using 4 K type thermocouples with arduino maga.

hi i want to know about connections and code that how to use 4 k type thermocouples with MAX 6675. SCK, SO, CS pins of each are connected separate digital pins or common anyone of these three? Anyone can help me. i will be thankful to you.

Did you read all of the MAX6675/MAX31855 pages on the Adafruit website. Leo..


How-to and using multiple thermocouples here:

This shows two MAX6675 modules connected to a RoboRED (UNO compatible). A terminal strip has been used to connect the Vcc, GND, CK and SO wires together. There are separate CS (Chip select) wires so the two thermocouples can be read separately.


This has the smell of an XY Problem

Why do you need thermocouples? There are a lot better ways of measuring temperature, for most temperature ranges.

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