using 4 separate LED segments. pheasable?


I've bought 4 separate LED 7-segments that I want to use for a clock. I bought these 4 separate ones instead of a whole display because the size was better for my project.

Later I realized exactly how much wiring I'm going to have to do and how few tutorials there are on the internet :frowning:

Does anyone have advice as to how I can connect all 4 segments to my breadboard and and program them to work together?

Thank you!

Between Arduino and breadboard you can limit it to 3 (signal) plus 2 (power) wires when you use shift registers. The breadboard itself will still be heavily wired.

Options are the 74HC595 and the ‘stronger’ TPIC6B595. Wth the 74HC595, you have a maximum of 70 mA per IC (e.g. 7 leds at 10mA). Check the datasheets for specs of those ICs. You still need resistors as well.

Alternative can be something like the MAX7219; see e.g. Arduino Playground - The MAX7219 and MAX7221 Led drivers

It might depend on the type of 7-segment display (common anode or common cathode) what is feasible. The 595’s can be used with both, not sure about the MAX on (did not study it).