using 4x HX711 and 4x loadcells to read each loadcell seperate

Hello everyone,

I want to use four HX711 and four loadcells to read each loadcell seperate.
But when i use the lib and try to read a value then it won’t work.
Does anyone have experience using mulitple HX711 and mulitple loadcells and reading them seperate.
In the attachment i put a picture of the loadcell i use.
This loadcell i use is a half bridge and i am combining two of these half bridge to get one fully functioning full bridge.
I hope someone can help me further!!
and if there are some uncertainties then you can just ask and i will try to clarigy.

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when i use the lib and try to read a value then it won't work.

Post what you tried and describe the problems that you had. A circuit diagram would be helpful too

In the attachment you can see how i connected one loadcell.
But i want to connect two loadcells to one HX711.
When i use this code:
#include “HX711.h”

#define DOUT 3
#define CLK 2

HX711 scale;

float calibration_factor = -7050; //-7050 worked for my 440lb max scale setup

void setup() {
Serial.println(“HX711 calibration sketch”);
Serial.println(“Remove all weight from scale”);
Serial.println(“After readings begin, place known weight on scale”);
Serial.println(“Press + or a to increase calibration factor”);
Serial.println(“Press - or z to decrease calibration factor”);

scale.begin(DOUT, CLK);
scale.tare(); //Reset the scale to 0

long zero_factor = scale.read_average(); //Get a baseline reading
Serial.print("Zero factor: "); //This can be used to remove the need to tare the scale. Useful in permanent scale projects.

void loop() {

scale.set_scale(calibration_factor); //Adjust to this calibration factor

Serial.print(“Reading: “);
Serial.print(scale.get_units(), 1);
Serial.print(” lbs”); //Change this to kg and re-adjust the calibration factor if you follow SI units like a sane person
Serial.print(" calibration_factor: ");

char temp =;
if(temp == ‘+’ || temp == ‘a’)
calibration_factor += 10;
else if(temp == ‘-’ || temp == ‘z’)
calibration_factor -= 10;

if i put a load on the loadcells i just keep reading the same value “0”

loadcell circuit.PNG

In your original post you said

I want to use four HX711 and four loadcells to read each loadcell seperate.

In your latest post you say

i want to connect two loadcells to one HX711.

Which is it ?

Please post a schematic of your circuit. Hand drawn and photographed is OK

According to this, your load cell wiring is incorrect.

Yes, for sure the most common problems with these things not working are not wiring up the load cell properly, and also the pin assignment not matching the wiring or vice versa, and not casting the scale factor as a float if entering by hand/declaration . As I've mentioned in another post, some cheap ones do not connect Ex- and Agnd to Gnd, which meansthe bridge is not excited properly also.

Once one HX711 is working with Arduino the way it should, then it would be time look at talking to two, if that's the goal. There is a library, HX711_ADC that has an example for commmunicating with two devices, but you have to get one working first.