Using 5v analog sensor with 1.2v Xbee AREF

I'm delving into the world of 'XBee Direct' and am stuck with how to best design my board for the XBee.

The XBee uses 3.3V, but the Analog inputs max out at 1.2V. My sensors are all 0-5V.

Can I just generate 1.2V on my board and feed the AREF pin with that, as well as power the sensors with that and calculate accordingly, or would the lower voltage throw off the ratio?

Alternately, I could feed the sensors with 5V, then step down the analog signal (I believe I would need an op-amp to do this, correct?) to 0 - 1.2V range.

Any suggestions?


Supply the sensors with 5V and use a resistive voltage divider to reduce the sensor output voltage to 0-1.2 V. Using a 3.3K and a 1K resistor provides a division ratio of 4.3:1.

I can't believe it is that easy. THANKS!!!