Using a 400mm SoftPot membrane potentiometer with a pull up/down resistor

So I am a complete electronics n00b and am trying to understand how to hook up my 100k resistor as a pull-up/down between my 400mm SoftPot and my Arduino UNO. This post: x indicates to put it "between +5V and the center pin." The datasheet indicates the center pin as being signal and the outer pins power and ground.

How do I wire this up to my breadboard without frying my new sensor, in the simplest possible terms?

What are the ratings on your sensor? What voltage is it rated for? Putting a resistor in series is going to lower the range of voltages that you can detect when using this sensor.

The Arduino is a high impedence load so a resistor on the output shouldn't be necesary. Typically for Current limit you would put a esistor between the sensor and + supply.

Here is the datasheet for the SoftPot (I am using a 400mm rectilinear, standard variety)

Standard resistance for the ones over 300mm is listed as 20Kohm.
Resistance range is from 1kohm to 100kohm.
Resistance tolerance is +/- 20%.
Operating voltage is listed as <10V; the 5V pin is used with Arduino.

Is this the correct linkup for the sensor?

SoftPot Ground (outside pin) to Arduino analog ground
SoftPot Signal (center pin) to Arduino analog input
SoftPot Power (outside pin) to 100k,1/4watt resistor to Arduino 5V pin