Using a 60V pot with Arduino...

Hi all... I'm new to Arduino but have been a long time using analog to keyboard interfaces and such to create interactive kiosks and spaces for exhibitions.

I'm working on something which requires a long sliding interface to "scrub" through a short video clip. The techies I've spoken to have pointed me towards an ideal (heavy duty) range of potentiometers that'll take a lot of heavy use... but I can't post a link :(

Trouble is, I'm looking at their max voltage supply of 60V and wondering can they play nice with Arduino? If anyone has any ideas, answers or suggested online examples it would be great... looking forward to receiving my Duemilanove starter kit this week!



The maximum supply voltage is irrelevant here, you'll be using it as a voltage divider between 5V and ground.

It's a pot; it's passive.

(BTW, you can post that link now)

Wow... thanks for the fast response. (I've heard a lot about the active community but that's positively hyper-active!)

The pots being recommended are these:

I've since being trawling the site and found reference to a regulated positive voltage booster... are you saying this won't be necessary?

(Regulated Voltage Booster:

thanks again!


A pot is just a resistor with a variable tap. The 60V rating is the maximum allowed; you won't be anywhere near this (which is good, 'cos 60V can tickle)

Yours won't be connected to anything like 60V, as I said, one end goes to 5V, the other to 0V. The tap (slider) goes to an analogue input pin.


Thanks so much! That's all I needed to get the go ahead for implementing this with Arduino... will hopefully post results in a few weeks.