Using a arduIMU stand alone to trigger a servo when the heli has rotated 45defre

Hello! I'm a arduino noob. I'm trying to create a parachute device that will deploy automatically when the heli rotates more than 45 degrees. The imuu will me attached to the parachute and stand alone.

Could I use arulimu or do I need something else?

Or Is this the way to go?

If it does what you want then it would obviously be a way to go. At the very least it demonstrates how you could release a parachute under Arduino control. But I suspect that you would need some sort of gyro based sensor to detect the rotation. One issue with these is that they are great for detecting sudden quick movements but tend to drift slowly over time, so they might tell you the heli is slowly falling over when it isn’t. If you want to be able to detect slow movements you might need to back the gyro with the sort of sensors used on drones to counter that effect. You can buy Arduino clones with the required sensors on board, and there are open source autopilot projects that provide the code needed to manage the sensors and work out the vehicle’s orientation. The Arduplane project would be a good place to start.

By the way, deploying a parachute on a helicopter seems to me like a rather problematic thing to do, unless you’re planning to detach the rotor blades first.