Using a Arduino for Speedo Cluster

Hi folks,

So I have an idea for using a Arduino to control a complete automotive dashboard gauge cluster.
Whilst I am confident it could do it, I have no idea where to start.
The main problem seems to be the car I'd like to install this to doesn't have a OBD port of any kind (too old) so I don't even know how I'd get the signals into the Arduino let alone display them accurately.

All I have right now is a idea of how I'd like the finished graphics to look.

Could anyone point me too any articles or products I might find useful?

Many thanks.

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Before anyone can offer help, you need to identify the signals you want to use and where they are coming from.


I don't yet know of what the signals will be yet as they are automotive sensors, so Oil Temp, Water Temp, Speed, Revs etc.

Then you need to begin the documentation project.

Could You establish the brand of the car, model and year? Searching for the wiring, schematics, sometimes gives result, at least for service stations.
Filling the car with cables creating a spider network of cables is not an option I suppose.

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