Using a Bluetooth module instead of a USB host shield w/ BT dongle?

I'm building a quad copter and I've decided to use a PS3 controller to control the quadcopter via bluetooth. I've watched some videos on Youtube and so far, everyone who has done this has used a USB host shield with a USB dongle, like this person: How to Connect a PS3 controller to an Arduino with a USB host shield and Bluetooth dongle (Part 1) - YouTube

I was wondering, is it possible to use a bluetooth module that's compatible with the Arduino instead of having to use a host shield with a dongle? Here's a link to the module I'm planning on purchasing:

I want to pair my PS3 controller with this module (or a similar one) in order to control my quad copter.

Any opinions are appreciated!

The device you allude to is an HC-05. The video has some explanation starting around 3:30. It appears that the problem may be down to the Sony device and you cannot use it to make the pairing i.e. it is a slave device. I got the impression that the demonstrator wasn't too sure of what he was doing. The video refers to a dumb device but it may be an HC-06, not an HC-05. They look the same, it's just that that module is on a backboard with standard pins. The HC-05 can be packaged the same way and you would be smart to get one like that, rather than the overpriced bare example in your link. You might find that you can do what you want with an HC-05, which can be configured as master, while an HC-06 is slave only. Indeed I think it likely you can get a result, and all you need is to be able to use your phone or something to sniff the Sony's ID.

"Dumb device" is a relative term. It's just that two slaves cannot establish connection but you only need one master.

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