Using a controller (gamepad) for servos or motors

Hi everyone, i've been searching lots of information about how to use different kinds of controllers, to control motors for example, and i am now trying to use my personnal xbox controller to do so. First i have a few questions that still remain :

how do you actually "get" the signal from the controller once it is plugged in ? all of my controllers plugged via USB are recognised but not as COM Ports, they're recognised as "xbox controller" etc.. and so, what solution could we use to read data recieved by the computer? for instance, the arduino can communicate via Serial com terminal on the IDE.. xbee can communicated via XCTU, but i couldnt find any solution on the internet to read data from a controller

If you want to communicate with a USB device then you need a USB host and USB driver software capable of handling the USB protocol used by the device.