using a counter in arduino uno having ATMEGA328P

i am working on my final year desertation and i will be using an arduino uno.
purpose is to generate controle signals and hence control the switches SPDT and DPDT on bread board. but this should happen with a counter in loop. i have just started using arduino, kindly help and guide through out.
so to start i would like to ask what is the basic things that i should know about accessing and controlling a counter.


here is the link to what i am working on.

You define an integer variable big enough to hold the maximum count and add one to it for every event to be counted.

If you don’t know what any of that means then near the top of your forum page is a green banner. Hold the mouse pointer over the word RESOURCES and choose GETTING STARTED and start reading. Look the Arduino main site over and start bookmarking into a bookmark folder – you need these links, the site has a full manual between all those pages.

If you can already program computers then you may adapt to Arduino quickly but mind that Uno has only 2K RAM along with 32K flash for code and constant data. It is capable of a lot if used properly and much less if not.

If you get in a spot and have a specific question then come sing it out but you are far better served by references now than what can fit in a forum thread and the piecemeal way that thread info comes in at least if you are able to get yourself started. It seems that self-learning has not been taught much is schools for the last 40 years.

"purpose is to generate controle signals and hence control the switches SPDT and DPDT on bread board. "

What do you mean control switches SPDT and DPDT?

Have you looked at and do you understand the examples in the IDE?

I may be wrong but I get the feeling your heart isn’t in this.

Those are likely relay modules.

I was trying to get the OP to say they were relays and not switches.

Kinda like pulling hens teeth thou.