Using a custom antenna

I am working on a project to create a custom wireless router/modem, and I am planning to use a custom antenna design.

I am not where to start with this research. I know I will need some sort of chipset to properly control the antenna but how to do that I am not sure.

Since I am planning to use an Arduino for the project, I thought someone might have an idea on how to do this on an Arduino.

Any resources that can help me achieve this goal?


PS: The design is still in progress, so it can be changed to meet any requirements for the device/chipset used.

There are many excellent, published antenna designs that you can make or buy. Why do you think you need to "design" a new one?

This is a very advanced topic and has nothing at all to do with a "chipset". Frequency, impedance, radiation pattern, gain, space constraints and material properties are the important determinants. To get a new design working properly generally requires design trial and error, using expensive test equipment.

Please describe your project in more detail, and perhaps we can steer you onto a more productive path.

Can we guess this is a wifi router? Will your router have a connector for the antenna?


Its not at all clear what you are doing.

What do you mean by controlling the antenna ?

And even though you might be controlling the antenna in some way with and Arduino that does not make the design of the antenna itself and Arduino topic.