Using a different Arduino chip - Advice on general approaches or feasibility

Hi anyone help with this (perhaps odd question)?

I have an Arduino Deuemilenove, I just bought the Evil Genius book, in one of the projects it mentions using an Arduino UNO to program an ATmega328 by plugging the chip into the Uno board and uploading scripts, then putting the programmed chip onto a dev board.

Can I use the Duemilenove board for the same thing i.e. Pull out the 168 chip from the board, change for a 328, program, take out the 328 put into the dev board, then put the 168 back in the duemilenove board again?

OR do I really need an UNO board? Just wondering...

Thanks in adv. McP

Can I use the Duemilenove board for the same thing

Yes, you can.

Wow, that was easier than I thought. Thanks.

Nice thing with Duemilonove is that it can also be modified to install bootloaders onto blank chips also.
Add 4 pins, need 4 jumper wires to connect the FTDI chip to the ICSP header.
Set up a bunch of software. Worked great for me under IDE -0022. Took a while to follow all the software setup steps.

A 2nd option is to put the bare chip on a protoboard with a crystal & caps, or a resonator, and 10K reset pullup resistor, and use the Duemilanove as a bootloader.
You load westfw's optiloader sketch into the Duem, connect +5, Gnd, D13 to D13, D12 to D12, D11 to D11, Deum D10 to bare chip's reset, and press reset on the Duem.

See video in this thread,68183.0.html