Using a DS3231 RTC with U8GLIB?

Does anyone know what code I should use to have a DS3231 RTC display on a 128x64 OLED running U8GLIB? I’ve done searching but can’t find a guide for that RTC… I’m not well versed enough to program it myself (for shame). I’ve been tempted to instead buy a DS1307 as I did find a few guides for that, but I’ve already got a DS3231 and would ideally like to use it…

Basically I need my clock to display time on my OLED and have some triggers tied to it for turning on lights, but I’d like to see the clock on my display!

The way to display the time from just about any RTC on just about any display has at least these two steps:

1) read the time from the RTC 2) display it on the display

Is it only step 1 that you need help with?