using a duemilanove with atmega328-PU to program a atmega328-AU SMD

Hi all,

I'm losing it. I have done this a maybe 100 times already but I just can't get it to work anymore, so I figure I must be something wrong.

My setup:

I've got a Arduino Duemilanove with a atmega328-PU chip, which has a bootloader and I can perfectly write sketches to this processor. This seems to be fine. I have uploaded the standard ArduinoISP sketch which comes with my IDE version 1.0.6.

Now, I made a custom PCB with a atmega328-AU smd chip (32 pins), and on that print I have put the 6-pin header just as it is on all the arduino boards. On this PCB I could successfully upload sketches when I first tried it (months ago), and the thing still seems to do what it was supposed to do, so the processor is still running.

Now I wanted to change the sketch on this SMD chip and whatever I try, I always get errors in the arduino IDE, mainly about signatures.

I have tried to modify the signature in the 'avrdude.conf' from 0x1e 0x95 0x0f to 0x1e 0x95 0x14 back and forward, and have tried every possible choice from 'boards' in the 'tools' menu.

I have, of course selected 'arduino as ISP' in the 'programmer' menu.

I'm starting to run out of options, and I have done this before! Could somebody tell me:

-in the avrdude.conf file, what the last byte has to be (the ISPsketch is already uploaded to my duemilanove which I want to use as a programmer)

-which board I have to select

-what I'm doing wrong or what I can try?

:-) Help would be appreciated A LOT!


Have you perhaps updated the IDE in this time?

I would think you need to use the raw avrdude (Nick Gammon tells how) to find out what the fuses and ID on this chip actually are at this moment.

Thanks a lot Paul, I got it working again!

Sadfully, I have no idea what is different now. I read up Nick Gammon's page like you suggested (interesting, had no idea!), and tested the new processor with the 'boarddetector' sketch he wrote. That way, I was at least sure to have the right signature.

In any case, as reference for whom it might be useful at some point:

-It worked now in IDE version 1.0.6. -I had to select 'Arduino Duemilanove with atmega328'

Thanks man, appreciate it!

Disregard last transmission, after resetting my arduino the same problem returned. Maybe simple a faulty contact somewhere.

To be continued..