Using a El Escudo Dos + Arduino + Motion Sensor plausible?

Hi, my very first post here on Arduino Forums! I just started diving into the world of arduino, so I don't know much (nothing really) about how to do anything arduino, so please bear with me haha.

I am attempting to use the El Escudo Dos shield ( to attach 7 sets of an EL panel combination as pictured here

purchased from here

with an Arduino Uno as per the instructions by sparkfun listed here Setting up an EL display with the EL Escudo Dos - SparkFun Electronics

It will be using a 12v wall power supply so power should not be an issue?

I have not really looked into motion sensing with the arduino much yet as I am unsure if I can use both the El Escudo Dos Shield with the Arduino Uno and still have enough space to equip a motion sensor component?

Also, Is there anyway to extend the wires to the EL wire? So not the the actual EL wire, but its plug into the El Escudo Dos Shield. I am attempting to use these EL lights across a considerable distance from each other.

Essentially, my goal is to have all of the EL panels/lights to turn on simultaneously due motion.

Any advice, help, etc would be great. Thank you.

EDIT: I have found extension power cables for the EL wire up to 10 ft, here



The diagram of the shield shows it uses pins 2 thru 10; meaning 11, 12, 13 and all the A0 to A5 are free for your sensors. (A0 and A5 can be analog or digital).

I do not understand what you are asking with “goal is to have all of the EL panels/lights to turn on simultaneously due motion” or if that is a question.