Using a force sensor with the Digital Pins of Arduino

I know normally with most sensors (photoresistors, flex sensors, force sensors, etc) you would normally connect you sensor to the analog pins of the arduino. I'm currently working on a project and I'm wanting to use a force sensor like a switch and I need to connect the force sensor directly to a digital pin of the arduino. I don't want to use the analog side.

Does anyone know if this is possible? Or generally how to get the arduino to recognize the force sensor as a switch?

Does the readButton command only work for pushbuttons?


IIRC Anything higher than 3V (0.6Vcc) is read as high and anything less than 1.5V (0.3Vcc) is read as low. (You might want to check the ATmega datasheet to confirm those thresholds.) Anything in-between is undefined (it may read high or low).

It's probably better to read the analog value and handle the high/low evaluation in software.

Could you post a link to sensor datasheet?

I would use a comparator and adjust the trip point and dead band (hysteresis) to suit.