using a Freescale MPX5700ASX with Uno

I'm relatively new to Arduino having only built two 3D printers and soldering up from scratch a couple of shields and programming the Mega 2650s several times until they were calibrated. I've also built an EFI fuel injections system for a performance vehicle from scratch... So I can read faqs and instructions!

I have another project on the go and have a vehicle running on air suspension. I plan on using an Arduino Uno with a 4 relay shield and an Adafruit rgb lcd to manage the pneumatic system.

I've been searching on internet and have found the MPX5700ASX from Freescale Semiconductors. It runs on 5V, draws only 7 mA, read up to 100 psi (I only need 40 psi), and functions down to -40C so it seems to fit the bill.
Data Sheet:

Will these easily integrate with the Uno? I plan to use two of them- one for the front pair of air bags and one for the rear pair.

I just want to check with you experienced crew here before I waste too much money. :slight_smile: Thanks for your opinions and if you have any thoughts or know of a sensor that is cheaper and can read up to about 60 psi or about 400 kpa please pipe up.

Easy interface!
Datasheet gives you the formula needed to convert V-out to pressure.
Be sure to select correct type. (ASX will do just fine)

OK, great! Thank you knut. I've ordered up 3 of these. Thanks again.