Using a FTDI-cable with Arduino Mini

  1. I have a Mini 04 that is soldered into a project.

  2. I have a FTDI-cable with cabling like 4.1 in

  3. Now I want to solder a 6-pin header so I can connect this cable.

QUESTION 1: Am I wrong in supposing that this cable works?

As I understand, I just have to connect
a. GND (header pin for black cable) ==> GROUND on the Mini
b. VCC (header pin for red cable) => 5V+ on the Mini

And then just TXD + RXD.


Do I connect the header pin for the orange cable (says TXD in FTDI datasheet) to the TX pin of the mini OR to the RX pin of the Mini?

No, I don’t want to trial and error.


Can “all” other header pins (for cable CTS# and RTS#) just be left unconnected?



Well I will take a stab at it, but be sure to get more then one opinion:

1. Ground to ground for sure. However you would only wire the 5V+ if your mini doesn't already have power applied from your normal way of powering it. That is, it's not a good idea to have the USB cable's power wired to the Arduino if it already has +5v power on it.

2. You wire cable TX to Arduino Rec and cable Rec to Arduino TX. That is an output signal must wire to a input pin and visa versa.

3. All others can be left unconnected. If you wish you could wire the cables' RTS* through a .1mfd cap and then to the mini's reset pin, then The Arduino IDE will do a auto-reset when uploading a new sketch, otherwise you will have to reset the mini however you now normally do.