Using a L293D Motor Driver Shield but I'm unsure where to connect an IR sensor for a remote

I'm currently working on a project for University with no previous experiences using Arduinos. I'm using an Arduino Uno and it was recommended to me to use an Arduino L293D shield as part of my project but now that I have it, I realised that there is no "pre-installed" method of connecting an IR sensor to the shield.
My friend soldered a few headers onto the board above where the analog pins would be on the board but I have not found any documentation on how each header functions.

Could anyone point me in the right direction?


This is the Shield I am using.

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Have you googled

ir remote arduino robot

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An L293 board is a motor driver.
An IR sensor is , well, a sensor.
One is an apple , the other is an orange.
There is no connection between the two.
If you want to know how to connect an IR sensor to an arduino, try asking
"How do you connect an IR sensor to an Arduino" (and leave the L293 out of it.
If reason for you question has nothing to do with either one but is simply
"How do I connect to arduino pins that are inaccessable when my L293 is plugged
into it ?" , and the answer will likely be , "solder wires to the I/O pads on the shield"
There are other ways but they are probably too complicated to mention.

Ok so for that you need to connect the IR sensor to the digital pins on the arduino. If you don’t use the analog and pwm labelled pin but the digital pin then you will be able to get the signal of on 1 or off 0, if that’s the limited information you need. ( for basic stuff to turn on and off things like LED)

Usually IR sensors will have pos, ground and signal which you need to hook up.

That’s about it, the rest is with your coding and what you intend for the IR to do.

Hope it helps.

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