Using a lcd from an old computer on Arduino

Hi, im new in this forum :wink: 8) :smiley: :smiley:
So, i´ve got an old cpu to diassembly to get some old but useful stuff like the power source, some wires, etc.
The thing is that the cpu had a little lcd green screen next to the power button, and it looks pretty much like the lcd screen module for the arduino
The question is, can i get it to work using normal lcd screen libraries? I googled a bit and seems that there is no schematic for this lcd
It says in a corner
The cpu seems like a generic one since there is no logo in there, but it looks pretty much like an old intel
Here are some photos of the lcd

Still wondering if it would work with the arduino

thank you :smiley:

The question is, can i get it to work using normal lcd screen libraries?

No, as the Arduino libraries are written with other LCD driver chips as targets.

I am afraid but you won't have a chance to find something ready made for your display. You might have to write your own library, but I don't think it is worth the (HUGE) effort.

Go and buy you a compatible display; they are not expensive anymore.

If you read what the connectors on the PCB says, you would find that the item you have is not a "display" per se.

It's a module containing a LCD, microprocessor etc. that reads sensors (fan speed, temperature etc.) and shows that on the LCD. It's not a dot-matrix LCD and as such only have predefined segments and icons. It's not easily controlled with an arduino, but it's possible.

// Per.