Using a Microcontroller to talk to ESC / Sensored Brushless Motor

Hi, all!

I'm looking to build a (pretty fast) autonomous vehicle this summer. I'll be making an RC car that goes around a very simple track. Communicating with an ESC shouldn't be a problem, but I was wondering about how to get the car to know how far it has travelled.

I was wondering if it would be possible to use a sensored motor to do some kind of rudimentary integration.

Is this a poor idea? Might there be a better way to do this? RC has been pretty confusing to me so far and I would love any tips you guys have for me.

Thanks so much!

Make a lap counter, and do some math? # laps x distance/lap =distance. Then you don't have to worry about wheel slippage, etc.

What would you select for a lap counter? I wireless IR beam, hall effect sensor, or something else?